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Cran Chile

Cran Chile is the largest grower and processor of cranberries outside of North America with 1,025 acres of constructed cranberry beds.

Cran Chile is a family managed enterprise where management group shareholders live and work on the company's bogs.

It is the company's vision to grow and process the highest quality cranberry products in the world and also to be the global low cost producer of fruit and concentrate.

The company's vision is being realized through the combination of economies of scale and new technologies previously not practiced in the cranberry industry.

Chile has long been considered one of the most attractive, natural and fertile growing environments in the world for fruits and vegetables.

The evolution and migration of cranberries, the healthy and tasty Native American fruit to the beautiful and productive lake region of southern Chile is raising the industry standard for quality and cost efficiency.

In addition to processing cranberries at its state of the art facility in Lanco, the company has quickly become the leading Chilean processor of third party fruit.

The company has approximately 200 full time employees operating in two divisions, growing and fruit processing.

Growing Division

Cran Chile has eight farms which consist of 1,025 acres of constructed cranberry beds, and an additional 2,200 acres of support land, all less than an hour from our centrally located processing plant.

The lake region in southern Chile is blessed with exceptional water resources. Each Cran Chile farm has been carefully constructed in order to optimize water management and quality. In addition, the region has ideal climatic and soil conditions for the production of cranberries.

Accordingly, the company is experiencing significantly higher yields for comparably aged beds.

Cran Chile's cranberries are grown in rectangular fields called 'beds'.

Each bed is constructed to the highest specifications and all have a common standard width. This level of bed quality and standardization facilitates the utilization of highly specialized machinery that the company generally builds in house.

Every farm has its own mobile bridge, which is utilized for the majority of growing operations including fertilizing, harvesting, pruning and sanding. An onboard computer optimizes product utilization and the requisite man-hours to complete most growing operations. In addition, applications and procedures are completed with exceptional uniformity without the physical damage and waste historically associated with conventional practices.

A representative use of the bridge would be our custom designed harvester. This machine, with eight individually controlled reels utilized to harvest fruit, is many times more efficient and is extremely bed friendly compared to conventional beaters utilized in North America.

Processing Division

The processing division is divided into three functions: processing, maintenance and quality control.

The company processes its own cranberry production and other fruits for third parties known as toll processing. Its customed designed state of

the art plant is located in Lanco, Chile in close proximity to the company's eight cranberry farms. The plant is located on 25 acres with expansion potential to accommodate growth in the future. The plant is capable of processing up to 2,100 metric tons of cranberries per month.

Existing cold storage capacity is 7,000 metric tons. The receiving / processing and cold storage sections of the plant contain approximately 25,000 square feet each. The company's freezer section facilitates the efficient utilization and extension of the company's processing season.

Given the high unit value of the products processed by the company, Cran Chile designed and installed a unique proprietary system that maximizes the recovery of soluble fruit sugars, acids and flavor components. The efficiency of the company's proprietary system has produced processing yields significantly higher than industry norms for the company and our toll processing clients. After just two seasons, the company is toll processing fruit for most of the major berry packers in Chile. Some of the fruit processed have included raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry and other local fruits.

Quality control is critical to the success of Cran Chile. The company adheres to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The plant has its own lab and integrated systems that can track fruit from the company's beds to finished drums. The continuing education regimen of our quality control staff is one of our highest priorities.

Cran Chile

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