Corpora Agrícola, Grower & Export Fruit
Grapes, Avocados, Nectarines, Plums, Clementines and Grapefruit, Instant Beverag
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Corpora Agrícola

UIT a long history and presence in the chilean fruit business, Corpora Agrícola is currently one of the largest grower – exporters in the country.

The company is part of the Corpora holding, wich is involved besides fresh fruit, in wines, ecotourism, canned and processed fruit, tomato pulp, instant beverages, coffee, tea, food containers and pastas among other business, with over a century of commercial and industrial activities in the country.

Grapes, avocados, nectarines plums, clementines and grapefruit are grown and exported all over the world from Corpora’s 8 farms.

Each one of Corpora’s farms is carefully managed with deep respect for the environment, the beauties of the surroundings and the people that labor in them



Stone Fruit (nectarines, plums)

Citrics Fruits (clementines, grapefruit)



Av Holanda 916


Santiago, Chile

Tel: 56 – 2 – 233 2080

Fax: 56 – 2 – 233 5686   

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